Browser + Razor = Blazor!

Haven’t heard of WebAssemblies yet? Check some other articles to shortly educate yourself about WebAssemblies before continue reading. Ok, but what about C#? As far as my research did take place, there is currently Mono and Microsoft working on a project (Experimental). Since the Mono Project on GitHub lacks too much guidance and I haven’t the power… Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel

Building a performant Hololens Project with Unity

Building performant applications for embedded systems can be quite challenging. In case of the Hololens, we are dealing with a relatively small amount of RAM and GPU power. (Hololens Graphics) Unity is a great tool to build applications real quick without spending much time on the real basics. Hence, Unity already delivers a pre-defined set of… Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel

AABB Collision Detection with Intersection Points (Incl. Rotation)


Switching to Linux – Roadmap

Since Window 8.0 has been released I thought about switching to Linux due many different reasons, whichever I won’t cover in this article. However, the idea to try Linux was always present and the desire to do so, grew from day to day. Long story short, due Driver problems Nearly none-existing games Lacking productivity tools Missing… Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel

WPF Scrollable + Zoomable + Dragable Control

Unluckily there is no standard control to zoom, drag and scroll your content. My implementation is based on following tutorial. With this implementation you are able to zoom, drag and scroll arbitrary controls. Showcase ScrollDragZoomControl.xaml


Usage Add the “ScrollDragZoomControl” to your project and use it as follows:


ABP – Alpha-Beta Pruning