MonoGame – User Interface

For MonoGame or XNA games an user interface is most essential. Based on the lacking and obsolete libraries like NeonForceControlsSquid, etc.. I made the effort to create my own one.


  • The user interface is listening on
    • Keyboard inputs
    • Mouse inputs
    • Touchscreen inputs
  • Compatible with MonoGame and XNA 4.0
  • Optimized for desktop and mobile applicationsMobile
  • Running in 1 Thread
  • Working with events for
    • Mouse/Finger Hover
    • Mouse/Finger Click
    • Mouse/Finger Move
    • GotFocus
    • LostFocus
  • Controls can be Focusable and/or Movable


The UserInterfaceManager instance is able to Add and Remove controls. You won’t have to worry about dependencies. The order can be changed within each control by the UserInterfaceManager by calling BringToFront or BringToBack.


The Textures are all self-made and included in the library. Replace the textures in the Content folder to apply them.


Control Screenshot Features
  • OnClick
  • GotFocus
  • LostFocus
  • Mouse/Touch Hover
  • Mouse/Touch Left
  • IsVisible
  • IsEnabled
  • Color
  • Parent
  • SubControls
Button Button
  • Label
CheckBox CheckBox
  • Label
  • IsChecked
  • StateChanged
TextBox TextBox
  • Label
  • Blink_Pause
  • Blink_Active
  • TextChanged
  • Single Line
  • Multi Line
  • Max input length
  • Password char
ComboBox ComboBox
  • Label
  • Orientation
TabNavigation TabNavigation
ScrollView Compilation
  • Padding
  • Background Color
  • Autoscroll to end
Window Frames Window
  • Titelbar
  • Label
  • Show Close-Button
CloseButton  CloseButton
  • Button
  • Text
  • MaxCharacters
  • FontSize
  • DisplayMode
  •  MultiLine
  •  ScrollToEnd
  • Default
  • Displays a texture

Code behind

Append following lines of code in your Game1.cs

And you are ready to go!





Add the dependencies





SourceCode (.zip 153KB)


  1. Hello,

    I just found your this UI library for Monogame and its simplicity is really, really great.

    I have two questions though.

    1- Is it possible to change the font?

    2- Is this open-source?


  2. Hello Rene!

    1. var is a keywoard, so you don’t have to write out the whole class name. For example: LoginWindow loginWindow = new LoginWindow(); is the same as var loginWindow = new LoginWindow();

    Since the type of the object is already known at compile time, var can be easily replaced by the actual class name. Its just some syntax sugar.

    The var or concrete type of the class is missing. You are right! I guess I did it somewhere above with some other code I didn’t show in this example.

    3. Add controls with: UserInterfaceManager.Add The Singeton isn’t required anymore.

  3. This all seems very good but I have a few questions (hopefully, not too dumb):

    1. ‘loginWindw’ in your example could be just a ‘var’? or it should belong to some special class? because…

    2. …it seems like you have some TextBox class below? how it was implemented in your example?

    3. There’s no ‘Add’ method for ‘Singleton’ in my case. Is this because I did something wrong during installation and initialization of MonoGame UI?

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