Server Setup

        static void Main(string[] args)
            //1. Create a new server container.
            ServerConnectionContainer serverConnectionContainer = ConnectionFactory.CreateServerConnectionContainer(1234, false);
            //2. Apply some settings
            serverConnectionContainer.AllowUDPConnections = true;
            //3. Set a delegate which will be called if we receive a connection
            serverConnectionContainer.ConnectionEstablished += ServerConnectionContainer_ConnectionEstablished;
            //4. Set a delegate which will be called if we lose a connection
            serverConnectionContainer.ConnectionLost += ServerConnectionContainer_ConnectionLost;
            //4. Start listening on port 1234


        private static void ServerConnectionContainer_ConnectionLost(Connection connection, ConnectionType connectionType, CloseReason closeReason)
            Console.WriteLine($"Connection {connection.IPRemoteEndPoint} {connectionType} lost. {closeReason}");

        private static void ServerConnectionContainer_ConnectionEstablished(Connection connection, ConnectionType connectionType)
            Console.WriteLine($"{connectionType} Connection received {connection.IPRemoteEndPoint}.");

After “StartTCPListener();” the Server is up and running. The TCPListener is also in charge of the UDP connections. The property “AllowUDPConnections” indicates whether the server is going to accept incomming UDP connections.


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