MonoGame in Visual Studio Code

The application does compile + runs fine, but I can’t guarantee that everything is feature complete. I still have to evaluate the boundaries.

Running MonoGame on Ubuntu 18.10
Running MonoGame on Ubuntu 18.10


Create a new project by typing following command in the Visual Studio Code Terminal: “dotnet new console”. Open the “.csproj” and paste in following XML.

The NuGet Package Manager plugin should automatically download all the required dependencies. Generate a new launch configuration: Debug -> Add Configuration. Open the launch.config in the .vscode folder and paste following snippet.

“program” refers to the compiled library. In my case, I have following project structure.

  • .vscode
  • ToDo
    • bin
      • Debug
        • ….

Add a new build configuration: Terminal -> Configure Tasks. Open the generated tasks.json in the .vscode folder and paste in following snippet

Here you go. You are ready to build and run. Have fun.


An example of windows can be found here. (Source: Andrew King)


    • Simply start the tool, insert some resources and hit save. The .mgcb file will be saved automatically wherever you like it to be.

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