.NET Core 3.1.3 on Raspberry PI

The included link targets the .NET Core 3.1.3. For the most current version, visit https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-core/ and download the ARM32 runtime.

sudo su
mkdir /usr/bin/dotnetcore/
cd /usr/bin/dotnetcore/
wget -q https://download.visualstudio.microsoft.com/download/pr/ccbcbf70-9911-40b1-a8cf-e018a13e720e/03c0621c6510f9c6f4cca6951f2cc1a4/dotnet-sdk-3.1.201-linux-arm.tar.gz
tar zxf dotnet-sdk-3.1.201-linux-arm.tar.gz
rm /usr/bin/dotnetcore/dotnet-sdk-3.1.201-linux-arm.tar.gz
export DOTNET_ROOT=/usr/bin/dotnetcore/
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin/dotnetcore/
echo 'DOTNET_ROOT=/usr/bin/dotnetcore/' >> /etc/profile
echo 'PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin/dotnetcore/' >> /etc/profile

Once you did execute all commands, test the .NET Core installation by running “dotnet –version”.

dotnet --version
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