DJI Protocol – Drone – Connection Establishment

IdentifierDescriptionPayload length
0x08After the operator has sent a connection establishment packet, the drone’s response is a connection establishment confirmation.8
Two examples of a connection establishment response
0x00 – 0x012Packet Length – ((0x01 & 0x0F) << 8) + 0x00
0x02 – 0x032Session Identifier – Value retrieved by Handshake at position 0x02 0x03
0x04 – 0x063Padding – Zero bits
0x071Checksum – 0x02 XOR 0x03 XOR 0x88
0x6C XOR 0x21 XOR 0x88 = 0xC5
0xE6 XOR 0x37 XOR 0x88 = 0x59
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