MM – MinMax Search


A* – AStar


UCS – Uniform Cost-Search


BFS – Breadth-First Search


Search Algorithms

This article only describes and compares some search algorithms formally. Each single implementation is linked below. Each search algorithm has its own field of application and the performance may vary with the provided input. Let’s take at first a look at the “requirements” of any search request. Basic concept Similar to deterministic final state machines, search algorithms… Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel

HOMTOM Enable USB Debugging

USB Debugging can be enabled in the Developer options. Unfortunately, there was no “Enable USB Debugging” checkbox on my Homtom HT17 pro. After scrolling through all the settings, enabling and disabling some features I finally found it. In German it is called: “USB-Fehlersuche”. Translated in English: “USB-Error-Diagnostics”. Enabling this feature seems to enable the USB… Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel

The Network Library is now on GitHub! One library update results in NuGet, Tutorial, Documentation, Indie-Dev Page updates .. and so on. GitHub provides one central access for developers to fork, push updates and open issues. Also the Wiki seems to be a nice central place to publish tutorials, instead of creating a post for every single feature here on indie-dev. With that said, I am still playing around with the code repositories. The main repo still remains on Time will show if GitHub is worth moving all my projects.

Supported data types

Supported are all primative data types, which includes String Int16 Int32 Int64 Boolean Byte Char Decimal Double Single UInt16 UInt32 UInt64 Enums will be automatically mapped to an UInt32. In advance you can ship those types as Standalone As an array As a list

Classes You can also send and receive “custom” classes, as… Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel