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The Network Library is now on GitHub! One library update results in NuGet, Tutorial, Documentation, Indie-Dev Page updates .. and so on. GitHub provides one central access for developers to fork, push updates and open issues. Also the Wiki seems to be a nice central place to publish tutorials, instead of creating a post for every single feature here on indie-dev. With that said, I am still playing around with the code repositories. The main repo still remains on visualstudio.com. Time will show if GitHub is worth moving all my projects.

Library Setup

The easiest way to access the library is via NuGet. If Visual Studio doesn’t contain a NuGet Extension, download and install it manually. Instead of NuGet you can simply download the binaries. Setup with NuGet Expand the project, right click “References” and select “Manage NuGet Packages…” Search for “Network” or “Thomas Christof”, select the “Network by Thomas… Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel