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WPF Scrollable + Zoomable + Dragable Control

Unluckily there is no standard control to zoom, drag and scroll your content. My implementation is based on following tutorial. With this implementation you are able to zoom, drag and scroll arbitrary controls. Showcase ScrollDragZoomControl.xaml


Usage Add the “ScrollDragZoomControl” to your project and use it as follows:


Windows Phone 8.1/10/UWP Sidemenu without Splitview

How hard can it be to create a simple sidemenu which is supported on WinRT, Silverlight and UWP apps? Following article is based on a custom self implemented side menu, which is just a prove of concept with lirerly no optimizations and beautiful coding. The following screen recordings access the same code base, just with different XAMLs for the… Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel