CloseReason Enumeration

Contains some reasons why the connection has been or should be closed.

Namespace:  Network.Enums
Assembly:  Network (in Network.dll)


public enum CloseReason
Public Enumeration CloseReason
public enum class CloseReason


Member nameDescription
NetworkError An unknown exception occurred in the network library
ServerClosed The server closed the connection
ClientClosed The client closed the connection
UnknownPacket The endpoint sent an unknown packet which cant be processed
Timeout Connection timeout reached
DifferentVersion The endpoints version is different.
InvalidUdpRequest UDP connection requested in an improper situation.
UdpLimitExceeded The client requested too many UDP connections.
InternalException An internal handled exception.
WritePacketThreadException An exception in the writePacketThread occured.
ReadPacketThreadException An exception in the readPacketThread occured.
InvokePacketThreadException An exception in the invokePacketThread occured.
AssemblyDoesNotExist The assembly for the incomming packet is not available. Make sure that every project is including that assembly.