Network Namespace


  Class Description
Protected class BiDictionary<(Of <(<'T, U>)>)>
Same as a .net dictionary. But just working in both directions.
Public class ClientConnectionContainer
The connection container contains a tcp and x udp connections. It provides convenient methods to reduce the number of code lines which are needed to manage all the connections. By default one tcp and one udp connection will be created automatically.
Public class Connection
Provides the basic methods a connection has to implement. It ensures the connectivity, is able to send pings and keeps track of the latency. Every connection instance has 3 threads: - (1) Send thread -> Writes enqueued packets on the stream - (2) Read thread -> Read bytes from the stream - (3) Invoke thread -> Delegates the received packets to the given delegate. All 3 threads will be automatically aborted if the connection has been closed. After closing the connection, every packet in the send queue will be send before closing the connection.
Public class ConnectionContainer
Public class ConnectionFactory
This factory creates instances of Tcp and Udp connections.
Protected class ObjectMap
Is able to map objects to their unique ID and back. Also stores the object's handlers.
Public class Packet
A packet can be sent over a chosen network connection. Always make sure that your class, which inherits form this one, implements a default constructor. Because a default constructor is needed for a dynamic class instantiation (reflection). Every property in your class will be written to the network stream. To ignore a property, take a look at PacketIgnorePropertyAttribute Following data types are allowed: Every other data type will lead to an exception during the serialization process.
Public class ServerConnectionContainer
Is able to open and close connections to clients. Handles basic client connection requests and provides useful methods to manage the existing connection.
Public class TcpConnection
This class contains a tcp connection to the given tcp client. It provides convenient methods to send and receive objects with a minimal serialization header.
Public class UdpConnection
This class contains a udp connection to the given udp client. It provides convenient methods to send and receive objects with a minimal serialization header.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ConnectionResult
The possible results of a connection attempt.