RSA En/Decryption

Public/Private Key Generation The private and the corresponding public key can be generated

Private and public key can be passed to the factories. However, if you choose a factory method with no public/private key parameter, they will be automatically generated. Enable RSA En/Decryption Use the ConnectionFactory to create a secure connection.

There is …

Network Library

We face many new changes with the 5.1 version release. .NET 4.5 isn’t supported anymore. Use 5.0 < versions of the library for .NET 4.5 projects .NET version has been increased to 4.6 RSA Support for .NET 4.5/4.6 and .NET Standard 2.0 RSA Example with public/private key Removed all local assemblies Directly depending on other …

Network Library moved to GitHub

The Network Library is now on GitHub! One library update results in NuGet, Tutorial, Documentation, Indie-Dev Page updates .. and so on. GitHub provides one central access for developers to fork, push updates and open issues. Also the Wiki seems to be a nice central place to publish tutorials, instead of creating a post for …

Supported data types

Supported are all primative data types, which includes String Int16 Int32 Int64 Boolean Byte Char Decimal Double Single UInt16 UInt32 UInt64 Enums will be automatically mapped to an UInt32. In advance you can ship those types as Standalone As an array As a list

Classes You can also send and receive “custom” classes, as …

Packet structure

The most “complicated” thing with this library is clearly the packet structure. We have to keep some things in mind to guarantee a flawless serialization. We differ between two packet types. The Request and the response packet. Request Packet The request packet is used to “start” a conversation. We literally request something.

We always …

Send/Receive packets

The server can only register each packet type once. Therefore, on serverside we have to use the “RegisterStaticPacketHandler” method. That will map a packettype directly to the given delegate. In the following example we start to listen to a “CalculationRequest” after a connection has been established.

connection.RegisterStaticPacketHandler registers the generic <CalculationRequest> to the delegate …

Send and receive a packet async

Send and receive a packet with a delegate


Send and receive a packet in a lambda