Client Setup

[TCP/UDP] ClientConnectionContainer The ClientConnectionContainer contains a TCP and a UDP connection by default. In addition the ClientConnectionContainer supports: Reconnecting if the TCP and/or the UDP connection has been lost Offering various methods to send data (async, fast, slow) Buffering packets if there is no available connection Remember your settings and packet-configurations after a reconnect

Server Setup

After “StartTCPListener();” the Server is up and running. The TCPListener is also in charge of the UDP connections. The property “AllowUDPConnections” indicates whether the server is going to accept incomming UDP connections.

Library Setup

The easiest way to access the library is via NuGet. If Visual Studio doesn’t contain a NuGet Extension, download and install it manually. Instead of NuGet you can simply download the binaries. Setup with NuGet Expand the project, right click “References” and select “Manage NuGet Packages…” Search for “Network” or “Thomas Christof”, select the “Network by Thomas …