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      Mike Walsh

      When creating a new ConnectionContainer, is it possible to specify which client IP address to use?

      I am trying to run two instances of the client on the same workstation. I have assigned 2 IP address to the workstation, but need to tell the ConnectionContainer which one to use.

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      Thomas Christof

      Hello Mike!

      Are you talking about the Client or ServerConnectionContainer? If you use the ClientConnectionContainer nothing has to be done. Your network card(s) will automatically manage the receiving packets and forwards them to the network library.

      On the other hand, the ServerConnectionContainer listens to the local loopback address. ( Which is in both cases matching for both network cards. There shouldn’t be any issue.

      Thanks for your post. For the next release I will offer a function, so that you are able to chose an address to bind it to.

      Best Regards,

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