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      Thomas Christof

      Game wont start

      Make sure that all the essential frameworks are installed.

      Resolution too high or too low

      To restore the default resolution delete the file %installDir%/Serialization/

      Set the wrong language

      To reset the language to english delete the file %installDir%/Serialization/


      Frameworks aren’t installed or a resource file has been deleted. Reinstall the game.

      Can’t submit my highscore

      Make sure that you are connected to the internet and your filewall is not blocking the applications outgoing http requests.

      Run the game as an Administrator

      Because the Application will save and load data from your drive, BoxesWithGuns has to be started as an Administrator, if your user Account has no special privileges in the installation folder. Possible solutions:

      1.) Start the game as an Administrator. (Right click on BoxesWithGuns.exe, Run as administrator)
      2.) Grant administrator privileges on the installation folder. (Right click on the installation folder, properties, security, edit)

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