IPAddress/Hostname in Taskbar

Several applications do exist to show your IP-Address or Hostname within the Desktop or Icontray. However, in every case, the information isn’t visible at first glance. Therefore, IpAddressBar is designed to avoid additional mouse-hover/click actions and places the essential information just right into the taskbar.


  • Pin the IP-Address to your taskbar
  • Pin the Host-Name to your taskbar
  • Right click to copy the displayed information
  • Left click to switch between IP-Address and Hostname


Versions (Win10) (Win11*)

  • Change between HostName and IPAddress with a left-click
  • React to SysPage size changes
  • * spawns on pos (0/0) and offers no intercation

  • Pin IP-Address onto the Taskbar
  • Right-click to copy the displayed information
  • React to taskbar size changes